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As part of the sAFE project (Aftermarket eCall for Europe), the idea of an eCall Association will be developed to enhance the eCall community to work on future requirements and challenges of eCall continuously.

To reach this goal ITS mobility organises workshops to involve the whole eCall community and to address all relevant needs.


The results of these workshops will be presented at the eCall Days 2020.

Vision of the eCall Association

The overall vision is to develop an all-inclusive association to enhance the cooperation between the stakeholder groups involved in emergency call (eCall) globally with the aim of increasing road safety and reaching Vision Zero by improving the eCall functionality.


The focus will be to provide a continuous forum and platform to discuss open 

challenges around eCall, to develop harmonised solutions and, to disseminate new study results regarding eCall (after market, new supported vehicles, Next Generation 112, TPSP, etc.), and to provide input and practical expertise to regulators and concerted sector representation and advice to, and interface with, the European Commission and other regulators.  


The  eCall Association will organise, manage, and support workshops, conferences and working groups, and provide a conduit between the relevant industry stakeholders, and administrative and regulatory bodies globally who have an interest in eCall; and will provide support and input to Standardisation and Testfest initiatives. The goal being the coordinated deployment of eCall across all vehicle categories, and the continued maintenance and improvement of the overall eCall service. 


Workshop I - 30 January 2020

During the workshop, various questions regarding the acceptance and possible aims, tasks and structures were discussed. 90 % of the more than 60 participants agreed to actively participate in a potential eCall Association.
Workshop II  - 5 May 2020 During workshop, the vision, a possible road map for the next years, a possible organisational structure and the terms of references of the potential eCall association were discussed with more than 55 participants. Due to the high interest of the eCall community, ITS mobility is working on the further development of the association and organises another workshop at the end of 2020.
Workshop III - 15 Dec 2020

Based on the findings of the previous workshops and the digital eCall Days 2020 different open eCall issues and challenges were addressed in a harmonised way together with all eCall stakeholders. As a result of the workshop the following seven working groups were identified:

1. 17 digit number dial to IVS (eCall callback issue),

2. False calls from IVS,

3. 2G/3G Sunset and NG 112 eCall,

4. Data transmission between actors,

5. Unified method of testing for OEM,

6. Last two known locations supplied / Wrong MSD data

7.  Access to EUCARIS   

Everybody who is interested in actively solving one or more of the seven topics please contact us and we will invite you to the working groups.

Documents of the eCall Association

sAFE eCall Association Workshop I
sAFE eCall Association Workshop_200130_v
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sAFE eCall Association Workshop III
sAFE eCall Asoociation Workshop 201215_v
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eCall Association: Letter of Interest
With this letter you express your interest in cooperating in the development and establishment of the eCall Association.
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sAFE eCall Association Workshop II
sAFE eCall Association Workshop_200505_v
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eCall Days 2020 Report
eCall Days_2020 Report_v1.0_en.pdf
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Virtual final event of the EU-funded project sAFE
Since 2019, the EU-funded research project sAFE – Aftermarket eCall for Europe aimed to define standards and specifications to pave the way for the deployment of aftermarket systems for eCall.
Invitation for the sAFE final event.pdf
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